This week the office of Joe Robach announced that New York State will begin a statewide multi-media campaign using billboards, radio, television and social media to remind motorists about the deadly impacts of impaired driving. The campaign, funded by a Traffic Safety Committee, builds on the state’s ongoing efforts to combat impaired driving and reduce the number of traffic fatalities.

Drinking and driving has no place on New York roadways and Joe Robach and other state offices have made it a priority to crack down on this irresponsible and dangerous behavior. There were a record low number of DWI-related deaths last year and with this campaign seeks to build on this success, prevent more impaired drivers from getting behind the wheel, and further avoid preventable tragedies.

Preliminary data shows that New York State recorded 1,037 traffic fatalities in 2014, which was the lowest number of traffic fatalities since the state began keeping records in 1925. In 2013, 1,199 individuals died in motor vehicle crashes. The public service announcement will soon air on cable and network television and radio stations statewide and will be supported by GTSC, DMV and other state agencies through their social media channels. Over the past several years, New York State has implemented an aggressive approach to combating impaired driving. By leveraging the state’s network of county STOP-DWI programs, GTSC uses statewide enforcement mobilizations during holiday periods and in conjunction with national crackdowns to vigorously crack down on impaired driving. In 2014, the STOP-DWI Foundation launched the ‘Have a Plan’ mobile app to reduce impaired driving and encourage motorists to find a safe way home instead of driving.

Joe Robach office also noted that the state also took steps to strengthen its impaired driving laws last year. Effective November 1, 2014, drivers convicted of DWI or DWAI three or more times in 15 years face a Class D felony charge, up to seven years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.