Joe Robach office this week announced a new record in 2014 for the amount of money returned to workers who originally were not paid the proper minimum wage, overtime pay or fringe benefits. In 2014, $30.2 million was disbursed to nearly 27,000 workers – more than any previous year and a 35 percent increase in recovered funds over 2013.

In a press release issued by his office, Joe Robach said, “No one should be cheated out of their hard-earned wages, and we are trying to make a difference for workers across the State by actively cracking down on wage theft.” Investigators recovered more stolen wages in 2014 than ever before – meaning money stays with the hard-working men and women who earned it in the first place.

The Department of Labor’s Division of Labor Standards, which investigates wage theft, is processing cases more expeditiously than ever before, meaning more workers receive money owed to them faster. These improvements are due, in part, to policy and operational improvements, such as referring more cases to compliance conferences to expedite a resolution.

The agency has had a marked downturn in the number of cases under investigation and more than 85 percent of all investigations are now completed within six months.

Region Amount Disbursed Individuals Paid Average Payout
Capital Region $1,200,000 2,026 $592.30
Central New York $430,000 1,020 $421.57
Finger Lakes $1,300,000 1,144 $1,136.36
New York City $18,800,000 13,921 $1,350.48
Long Island $3,500,000 2,209 $1,584.43
Mid Hudson $1,600,000 1,611 $993.17
Mohawk Valley $190,000 426 $446.01
North Country $84,000 376 $223.40
Southern Tier $300,000 320 $937.50
Western New York $900,000 1,588 $566.75

Joe Robach office suggests anyone with questions about minimum wage or other labor standards issues, or who would like to file a complaint, should call 888-4-NYSDOL (469-7365).