Joe Robach Office this week announced $75.6 million in federal Highway Safety Improvement Program funding for 33 projects that will enhance mobility and safety on roadways across the state. Projects for this highway safety funding are selected through a competitive process designed to support initiatives that have the greatest ability to reduce traffic fatalities and severe injuries.

As Chair of the Transportation Committee, Joe Robach said, “Strengthening vital infrastructure across the State is critically important to ensuring the safety of our communities, both today and for future generation. With these projects we are providing modern safety improvements that benefit everyone on the road, from drivers to bicyclists and pedestrians. Working alongside our partners in the federal government, our administration will continue to upgrade essential transportation networks in every corner of the State in order to make our communities safer for all.

Federal funding was made available to the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), which administers the Highway Safety Improvement Program. Information on the Highway Safety Improvement program is available on the NYSDOT web site at

The Office of Joe Robach outlined the following projects as were awarded to the Finger Lakes region:

• $706,500 for a NYSDOT project to improve traffic safety on State Route 252, Jefferson Road, at its intersection with John Street/Brighton-Henrietta Town Line Road in the towns of Brighton and Henrietta. Jefferson Road will be unchanged, but John Street will go from two lanes northbound with shared left- and right-turn lanes to a single north-bound lane with dedicated left and right turn lanes. Brighton-Henrietta Town Line Road will change from two lanes southbound with shared left and right turn lanes to a single southbound lane with dedicated left and right turn lanes. The Jefferson Road traffic signal will be upgraded to allow a flashing yellow arrow configuration at the Jefferson Road left turn lanes.

• $250,000 for a NYSDOT project to enhance highway signage and pavement markings at select highway entrance ramps in Monroe County to discourage wrong-way driving crashes.

• $250,000 for a NYSDOT project to install Center Line Audible Roadway Delineators (CARDS) along 60 miles of highway in Livingston, Ontario, Wayne and Monroe counties to restore pavement markings, enhance visibility and retroreflectivity, and reduce cross-over vehicle crashes.

• $7.6 million for a NYSDOT project to improve Route 531 where it intersects with Routes 36 and 31 in the towns of Ogden and Sweden, Monroe County. Traffic calming features will be added to slow traffic such as chicanes, raised medians, left hand turn lanes and acceleration lanes. This will reduce speeds and provide a transition from the high-speed expressway to the rural, two-lane section of the roadway. Pedestrian safety improvements include new sidewalks, countdown timers and 8-foot wide shoulders to improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Congressman Tom Reed said, “Safe, reliable transportation infrastructure is critical to jobs in our area and a fair investment for the taxpayers whose dollars are going to care for our local roads. We have made local infrastructure improvements a priority in our office by hosting regular meetings with local highway officials and infrastructure experts – listening to their needs on the ground and working with them to make projects cost effective. Our aging rural roads and bridges cannot be overlooked and we will continue to work with Governor Cuomo to make improvements a reality for the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes.”

For more information on these projects and others, Joe Robach encourages residents to contact his office at 585.225.2650.