This week Joe Robach announced $40 million in State funding to help local governments make necessary repairs to highways and bridges following this year’s exceptionally harsh winter. This funding, passed as part of the 2014-15 Enacted Budget, is a special one-time allocation to compliment the $438 million in existing State support for local transportation infrastructure. All counties, cities, towns and villages will receive capital assistance through the program. Joe Robach noted that his office has received countless calls by concerned citizens regarding pot holes, roads in need of repair and other deteriorating road conditions.

The 2013-14 winter season was particularly punishing, with a state of emergency bring declared on eight separate occasions and many local roads and bridges sustaining damage to the pavement surface, due to frequent plowing and bitterly cold temperatures. Localities will be able to use this funding on capital projects to repair and improve infrastructure and to complement their core construction programs. To help brace for future storms, longer lasting roadway surfacing and overlay projects are eligible expenses.

In a press release sent out by his office this week, Senator Joe Robach said, “I’ve heard from countless constituents, businesses and other public officials who have expressed concern about wear and tear on public roads compared to past winter seasons. This additional money will lessen the burden local governments will feel when budgeting for road repairs, and is particularly important for Upstate governments, whose residents depend so heavily on safe roads on a daily basis.”

The capital grants for extreme winter recovery will be allocated in accordance with existing formulas for local capital transportation aid (the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program, or CHIPS).
For more information, Joe Robach encourages residents to visit his website here or call his local office at 585.225.3650.