National “Be a Force of Nature” Effort Runs Through the End of the Week – March 22nd

With winter departing and spring upon us, Joe Robach and other elected officials around the state urged all New Yorkers, in honor of The National Weather Service’s Flood Safety Awareness Week, to learn the risks associated with flooding to better protect their families, businesses, offices, and communities from this type of natural disaster.

New York has seen the impact that flooding can have on local communities, but prevention is possible with the proper awareness and advance preparation. All week long, the office of Joe Robach has urged all New Yorkers to take proper precautions to better ensure the safety of our families and property. With considerable amounts of snow melting and precipitation continuing, residents should be prepared for a wet next few weeks and months.

New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Commissioner Jerome M. Hauer stated, “Flooding can occur sometimes with very little warning at any time of the year. Knowing the risks associated with flooding and taken precautionary steps such as having a family emergency plan will help you and your family survive a flood if it happens in your community.”

Learning the threats associated with flooding and building or updating emergency supply kits for homes and vehicles are vital steps toward being prepared that can be taken this week. For information to help prepare for and take action during a flood, please visit the New York State Office of Emergency Management’s webpage at New Yorkers can also get daily tips from the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services twitter feed at @NYSDHSES.

Knowing your areas flood risk, how to prepare for and actions to take before, during and after a flood can save lives, time and money. More information on National Flood Awareness Week can be found on the National Weather Service website at

Joe Robach urge all residents with questions or concerns around preparing their home for a flood to contact their local municipality or his local district office at 585.225.3650.