Joe Robach and Office congratulates New York’s wine and grape industry on a bountiful harvest this year, which will help this fast growing industry maintain its standing as a national leader in producing high quality wines. Grape growers from all across the state report an abundant harvest, and the Governor encourages New Yorkers to help these growers by purchasing and tasting New York wines this upcoming holiday season.

The successful harvest for New York’s grape growers is giving New York state’s wine industry a boost in production at exactly the right time. Over the last several months, New Yorkers and wine enthusiasts around the world have been learning and enjoying the incredible wines our state has to offer. As New York’s business climate continues to improve for the wine industry,  Joe Robach and Office congratulates NYS grape growers and wine producers on a prosperous year in 2013. As the holiday season approaches, Joe Robach and Office encourage those looking to find a great gift to support New York’s growers and purchase a locally-produced wine.

While figures from this year’s harvest are not yet available, reports from all sections of the state have been extremely positive with many grape growers reporting an abundant harvest of superb fruit. New York grapes, particularly varieties from Western New York, are also used in a number of other products including various juices and jellies. New York ranks third nationally in wine and grape production, with the crop value estimated at $52.3 million in 2012.

In early 2013, Joe Robach and Office helped to launch “Taste NY,” which is helping the wine, beer and spirits industry, as well as other agribusinesses, gain national exposure through a range of promotional efforts including “Taste NY” tents at important events, “Taste NY” stores in transportation hubs and a dedicated website, As part of the “Taste NY” campaign the Governor,m along with members of the Senate and Assembly, took part in his first-ever Governor’s Cup Wine Tour and Competition awards ceremony in the Finger Lakes region. There, a new television ad campaign was launched to promote New York State’s award-winning wines and further grow the “Taste NY” experience.

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