Joe Robach and Office announce September is Preparedness Month

Joe Robach and Office, along with Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced this week that September is Preparedness Month across New York State, encouraging individuals, families, and businesses to take this opportunity to review their disaster plans and become better prepared for any emergency.

Preparedness Month is a national effort, now in its ninth year, sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Ready Campaign in partnership with Citizen Corps. It is designed to encourage Americans to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses, and communities. This could mean assembling emergency preparedness and first aid kits for their home, ensuring they have a surplus of food and water accessible as well as stocking up on candles, flashlights with additional batteries and matches. Joe Robach and Office reminds everyone that it is impossible to be too prepared for an emergency.

In advance of this month’s observance, the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services and the Department of Health have been showcasing preparedness information at the New York State Fair. State agencies have also taken multiple steps to increase resiliency, preparedness and response capabilities.

Basic steps to follow in advance of any disaster include having an emergency plan, stocking up on emergency supplies, and remaining cognizant of potential hazards that could impact where you live or visit – including obtaining information through local news outlets during an emergency. Joe Robach and Office also encourages New Yorkers to subscribe to NY- ALERT, the State’s alert and notification system, and download its new mobile app, iAlertz. To subscribe, visit or New York State has also developed a website to guide citizens to prepare for any type of incident at