Joe Robach and Office Announce Back to School Tips

As children are headed back to school this week, Joe Robach and Office is reminding everyone to stay healthy and safe this school year!

According to the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), there are several things both parents and students can do to prepare themselves for the changes ahead.

Clear the schedule.

Make lunches the night before school.

Set alarm clocks.

Leave plenty of extra time in the morning.

Plan after school activities.

Review child’s schoolbooks.

Send a brief note to child’s teacher to open the lines of communication.

Familiarize yourself with the other school professionals.

Joe Robach’s Office also reminds parents that the beginning of the school year may be a stressful time for children. There are many ways to help your child overcome the stress and anxiety that a new school year may bring.

Let your children know you care and support them.

Do not overreact.

Remain calm and positive.

Reinforce your child’s ability to cope.

Arrange play dates and keep them happy and busy.

Plan to volunteer in the classroom and stay active in their school.

Over the last few weeks, Joe Robach and Office has also been collecting school supplies and donating them to the Greece Ecumenical Clothes Closet. The response this year has been overwhelming. Major donations were made by Vanderstyne Toyota, Greece Rotary, Greece Kiwanis and Greece Spino.