Joe Robach and his office want you to know that may be entitled to some of the over $12 billion in unclaimed funds in New York State. 

For your protection, banks, insurance companies, utilities, investment companies and many other businesses are required by State law to surrender inactive accounts to the State. These accounts are known as “lost,” “abandoned,” or “unclaimed” funds.  Joe Robach wants you to know that The Office of the State Comptroller serves as custodian of this money.  If you can prove you are entitled to the money, they will gladly return it to you, at any time, without charge. Until the money is claimed, it is used by the State’s General Funds, serving the citizens and taxpayers of the State of New York.

The Office of Unclaimed Funds Online Claiming Program is a fast, easy and secure way to claim your lost money. Claims for many types of accounts can be submitted online if the information you provide matches our records.
A simple internet search is all it takes to see if you are eligible and there is no charge to search or file a claim to recover unclaimed funds.

To see if you have any unclaimed funds, visit: or click on the “Search Now” image below.  For more information contact Joe Robach or his office.