Many times residents come to the office of Joe Robach and ask about the background of the state seal.   Following is some basic information about our New York State seal which is information anyone can pick up at Joe Robach’s office at 2300 W. Ridge Road.

The first seal of the State of New York was created in 1777.  It took place of the Crown Seal, which was used when New York was a colony.  The state seal that is used to day was commissioned in 1882.  It was the fifth time the seal was changed.  The seal appears on the state flag, on printed material authorized by the state and in state buildings and office.  The state seal is kept in the custody of the Secretary of State.

What the Seal Means

Eagle- The American Eagle is a symbol of strength independence and freedom.

Globe – The globe points to the Atlantic Ocean and North America, showing New York’s place in the world.

Sun – The sun, with a smiling face, is seen rising over the three mountain ranges. Mountains – The three mountain ranges of NYS are shown.  They are the Catskill, the Adirondack and the Alleghany mountains.

Boats – A ship and a sloop are shown about to pass each other.

River  – The rive represents New York’s great waterways and shows how commerce began in the state. Excelsior – The motto, meaning, “ever upward” is on a ribbon below the state seal.

For more information, please contact the office of Joe Robach.