Joe Robach’s office can provide useful information on how to keep your kids safe.  Recent data spells out troubling reality for parents: nearly 800,000 children may be reported missing every year (2,200 a day).  While most are never in real danger and will be found relatively quickly, some are never seen again.  Roughly 114,000 face actual abduction attempts a year. 

Joe Robach knows that the minutes and hours immediately following a child’s disappearance are the most critical.  New York State’s amber alert helps get the word out quickly to the public and to local law enforcement agencies that abduction has occurred. However, there are extra precautions that parents can take.  To help parents have easy access to much of the information they will need to provide local authorities, the New York State Senate and the office of Joe Robach has put together a Child Safety Record.  Parents can fill this record out with your child and keep it in a safe location.  You can pick up a form at Joe Robach’s office.

Also helpful are the top ten tips from law enforcement as to keeping your child safe.  Here they are:

  • Teach your children to recognize and avoid situations that may place them in danger.
  • Make sure that your child has memorized your home number, your address and 911.
  • Identify registered offenders in your area.
  • Practice drills with your child that include when they are accidently separated from you in a public place.
  • Teach your child to yell “you’re not my parent” if they are approached by someone they don’t know
  • Develop a safe word if someone else other than you is picking up your child that only you, the child and the safe person know.
  • Restrict your child’s access to the internet.
  • Watch for sudden behavioral changes in your child that may cause them to let their guard down.
  • Talk with your child and help them think proactively about how they can protect themselves when you are not with them. 

For more information, contact the office of Joe Robach.