Joe Robach keeps tips in his office about charitable giving.  Because we are such a compassionate nation, concerned Americans donated nearly $300 billion to charity last year.  With many problems affecting the world today, it is in the public’s giving nature to reach out to those less fortunate.  Thoughtful contributors deserve to know that their donations actually go toward charitable work.  This is why New York works so hard to protect the public’s generosity from individuals who seek to deceive under fraudulent circumstances or for questionable causes.  For this reason, Joe Robach is providing his constituents with tips for charitable giving – you can pick them up in his office.

New York State law requires that organizations that solicit money directly from the public register with the Department of Law.  The law secures your right to know how much money these organizations raise and how your contributions are being used, including salaries and administrative expenses. 

Here are some quick tips.  When being solicited you should:

  • Ask for some identification from both the solicitor and the organization, including the organization’s registration number.
  • Ask how much of your contribution goes toward the solicitors’ salary or commission.
  • Ask how much of your contribution goes toward fundraising and administrative expenses, including the salaries of the organization’s administration.
  • Ask for written literature and READ it.
  • Ask whether your tax deduction is tax deductible.
  • Be suspicious of anyone who can’t respond to your questions satisfactorily. 

 For more tips, contact the office of Joe Robach.