Protecting the environment is one of Senator Joe Robach’s highest priorities and that is why he keeps informational tips at his office.  From the Long Island Sound to the Hudson River, New Yorkers value lakes, rivers, oceans, open space and all the environmental resources of our city. 

Joe Robach knows of a few important things each of us can do to protect the environment.  Our individual actions can enhance water quality, energy efficiency and recycling.  Joe Robach’s office can provide some examples of how you can help protect your local environment.  Many of these actions are simple changes in everyday habits, changes we can make easily.  

The office of Joe Robach has some suggestions on how you can reduce your household waste.  Don’t buy products with excessive packaging; buy large sized containers; buy foods in bulk and put them in reusable containers; use wax paper instead of plastic wrap; use reusable bags at the grocery store.  Don’t be concerned with the “biodegradability” of packaging – in a modern landfill, very little material actually biodegrades.  Instead, reduce what you send to the landfill.  The average household discards, 1800 plastic items per year.

Joe Robach’s office also suggests that people stop using chemical drain cleaners.  An old-fashioned plunger is just as effective, much cheaper, and far less, and far less harmful to your pipes and the environment.  If a clog is particularly stubborn, open the pipe trap and remove the clog by hand. 
Joe Robach’s office also suggest that people consider reducing their water use.  Fix leaks.  Fill sinks instead of running water.  Only use the clothes washes or dishwasher when full. 

For more helpful environmental tips, contact Joe Robach’s office.