Joe Robach’s office knows that child care has become an essential aspect of life for many New Yorkers.   Joe Robach also knows that quality child care can make a significant difference in a child’s life and development.  That’s why choosing a facility or person to care for your child can be one of the most important decisions a parent or guardian faces these days.  There are many questions to consider when choosing a daycare setting: Do they offer structured activity that is challenging?  How will they interact with my child?  And perhaps most importantly, do they provide a safe and nurturing environment?

Joe Robach’s office can give you information about the different types of day care available today.  All of these providers, except for informal day care providers, are regulated by the State Department of Family Assistance.   The different types of providers include: Day Care Centers; Family Day Care Homes; Group Family Day Homes; School-Age Child Care Programs; Informal Care.  Once you have selected a provider, it is important that you become involved in the program to not only stay informed but also to ensure that your child consistently receives quality care.

Joe Robach knows that it is invaluable to parents in the community to make sure that their child is safe while they are at work.   The “Jeremy Fiedelhotz and Julia Safe Day Care Act” is a law which makes it a crime for child day care providers to make certain misrepresentations covering areas such as: the number of children in a facility when the number is in violation of applicable provisions of law; the area of the facility, home or center used for child care; and the credentials or qualifications of any child day care provider, assistant, employee or volunteer.  This law also established the crime of reckless assault of a child.

Joe Robach’s office can also give you information about child care financial assistance such as government tax credits; child care subsidies; and employer-supported benefits.  If you want more information, contact Joe Robach’s office.