Joe Robach office can offer you information about becoming an organ donor.  More than 112,000 people are waiting for organ transplants in the United States.  Nearly 10,000 people are waiting for organ transplants in New York State. 

While it is an extremely personal decision, there is no more precious of a gift.  The office of Joe Robach can give you information about The Life Pass It On Registry.  The Life Pass It On Registry was established in 1999 as a registry of intent:  It recorded someone’s intention to be an organ, tissue, and eye-donor.  Intent registries require permission from next-of-kin or other authorized person for donation to proceed in the event of the potential donor’s death.  In 2006, a new law created the New York State Donate Life Registry: a registry that records an individual’s own legal consent to organ, tissue and eye donation upon their death. 

By enrolling in the New York State Donate Life Registry, you become a designated donor.  It means that you are giving legal consent for the recovery of your organs, tissues and eyes for the purposes of transplantation and research at the time of your death.  Your legally binding decision may not be overturned by any other person.  It ensures that your decision will be shared with your next-of-kin or other authorized person; the donation process will be explained to them in great deal. 

Joe Robach office wants residents to know that there is a severe shortage of organs for life-saving transplants.  In addition to those New Yorkers waiting for organ transplants, many more are helped by tissue donation such as skin for burn victims or eye donations for sight restoring cornea transplants.

Joe Robach office can give you information on how to become a donor.  Some ways are: at the DMV; fill out the Donor Registry enrollment form on the NYS Department of Health website; or mail the form to NYSDOH.