Bicycling in New York State has become very popular. For this reason, Joe Robach’s office can provide you with information about the laws, tips and rules of bicycling in New York State.  Whether you want to explore trails in one of our State’s many parks or ride in your own neighborhood, safety is something to always consider. 

One of the most important laws that Joe Robach’s office likes to highlight is the requirement that young cyclists and passengers wear helmets.  This law was enacted to help reduce the most common form of serious bicycling accidents – head injuries.   Children under the age of 14 are required to wear safety helmets when operating bicycles.  Police officers may issue appearance tickets to parents or guardians who are present when their children are riding without helmets.  Parents could face a maximum fine of $50, which would be waived if they purchased or rented a helmet before their court appearance.  It is also important to note that children ages 1 through 4 are required to wear bicycle helmets and ride in secure safety seats when they are passengers on bikes. This law also prohibits adults from carrying infants under one year of age as bicycle passengers.  

Joe Robach knows that the best defense against bicycle accidents is safe and skilled handling of the bicycle, but some accidents are unavoidable.  That is why wearing a helmet is crucial.  In the case of an accident, helmets protect you by bearing much of the impact.  They protect the skull and brain from the trauma that could result in serious injury and death.  When choosing a helmet you should buy one that meets the standards set by the American National Standards Institute, the American Society of Testing and Materials or the Snell Memorial Foundation.  Helmets that meet these standards have been tested and proven effective in protecting cyclists. 

If you want more information on bicycle safety, please contact Joe Robach’s office.