Joe Robach’s office knows that lead poisoning is a serious health risk.  For this reason, Joe Robach has sponsored several grants throughout his tenure to the Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning – a nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to eliminating childhood lead poisoning in Monroe County.

Lead poisoning can cause many problems in children and adults including: long-term learning and behavior issues; hearing loss; long-term health concerns like kidney damage and high blood pressure.   Locally, in the City of Rochester, you can request a free lead inspection at (585) 428-LEAD.  Children get lead poisoning when they put their hands or toys in lead dust and then swallow or eat the dust.  For this reason, Joe Robach supported the New York State law that requires that all children get a blood test for lead at one and again at two years old.

Homes built prior to 1978 probably contain some lead dust.  As a precaution, you may want to get your children tested because you may not be able to see the symptoms of lead poisoning.  The only way to know if your child has been exposed to lead is to get a blood test.  To check, you can request a blood test at any well-visit up to six years.  If you are confused by the results, you should call your child’s doctor and ask them to explain the results to you.

Joe Robach’s office can give you information on how to prevent lead poisoning.  Some tips are: washing your child’s hands and toys often; taking off your shoes when you enter the home; mopping flat surfaces and floors often with detergent and water; and using a vacuum with a HEPA filter to catch lead dust.  You should also make sure that your children are eating health foods, such as eating foods high in iron and calcium (whole-grain breads, low-fat milk, tuna, green leafy vegetables, etc.)

For more information about lead poisoning, contact Joe Robach’s office.