Joe Robach’s office offers a wide array of government and constituent services.  One service that Joe Robach’s office offers is that they carry tax forms.  Joe Robach’s office has been providing this service since he was elected to public office in 1991.  His father, Roger Robach, who also served in the New York State Legislature, also provided tax forms to constituents.

Believe it or not, it has become harder and harder for individuals to pick up paper tax forms.  The Internal Revenue Service and the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance stopped the long time practice of sending tax forms in the mail to New York/US taxpayers.   The IRS and Department of Tax stopped sending them for cost-saving purposes as well as the rising popularity of taxpayers doing their taxes online.  However, may individuals, especially seniors, still like to mail in their tax forms directly to the Internal Revenue Service or the State of New York.

Aside from picking up tax forms at Joe Robach’s office, people can also pick them up at public libraries as well as in downtown Rochester at the Internal Revenue Service.  Individuals can also download these forms online.

For seniors looking for help with their taxes, they can find free tax help at the local AARP.  The AARP will meet with seniors at any local community center to assist with taxes.  For tax appointments with the AARP, taxpayers should call their local senior center.   Joe Robach’s office can usually also answer frequently asked tax form questions or point you in the right direction.   Joe Robach’s office is located at 2300 West Ridge Road in the Town of Greece.

For New Yorkers who have already filed their tax forms and would like to check on the status of their refund, there is a way to check.  New Yorkers can visit or or call (800) 829-1040 for federal return questions or (518) 457-5181 for state taxes.

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